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Stairway to Heaven

Go towards the light. There’s a party there. Seriously, streamers and punch and everything.

Another excellent episode, running up to the season finale! More betrayal! More machinations! Lots of booing and hissing at Metatron! One of the things this show does really well is create villains we love to hate. Azazel, Lucifer, Dick Roman, and currently Metatron–all reveled in their evilness, and we loved it. (Crowley not included in that bunch, as he’s not evil for evil’s sake, he just takes advantage of available resources for his own personal gain, wherever they fall on the moral spectrum. Mostly bad, occasionally good. Let’s call him…a juicy character. And shady. And untrustworthy. But juicy.)


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The Winchesters--poster boys for Digging In Your Heels and Telling the World to Cram It


So, the Apocalypse. Debate has raged around the Internet about how exactly Kripke and Co. will not only present the end of the world, but what the epic final battle that seems inevitable will mean for Dean and Sam. Will the guys stick to their guns and refuse to be vessels for Michael and Lucifer? What would happen to the world as a consequence? Will they be swayed somehow into playing into their “destiny”? Not to mention, how would it all translate into a sixth season if the show is renewed? It does make a fan ponder. Naturally, I have a few thoughts bouncing around my head. 

Note: My possibly crackpot theories are not based on any inside information. I do not know, or have ever interviewed, any of the cast, crew, creators, or any of their extended family, friends, or acquaintances. All my random musings are a result of viewing the season thus far, and hints dropped by Eric Kripke and Sera Gamble in interviews. If any of my wild hares turns out to be right, it’ll be pure spooky coincidence, and I will probably break my jaw when it hits the floor. Also, consider yourself forewarned if you’ve avoided these interviews because of possible spoilers. One or two may be referenced herein. (more…)

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