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Word of advice, dude...you don't mess with Mrs. Fucking Tran.

Word of advice, dude…you don’t mess with Mrs. Fucking Tran.


O hai there, Kevin!  The late, lamented Kevin Tran reappears in the bunker, and he’s haunting Sam and Dean! Serves them right.  That kid got screwed over royally.  And he has a job for them–find his mother.  About freakin’ time they went looking for Mrs. Tran.  And it turns out she’s been in rather dire straits.  She’s been a captive of Crowley’s in a storage facility, guarded by a couple dimwit demons and not looked after very well.  Doesn’t mean her spirit is broken, though.  After a year, she’s still working on an escape plan, and is even able to hotwire the security system once Sam finds her and unshackles her.


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