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DW_Robot of Sherwood

Doctor Who: Robots of Sherwood

Pretty sure I liked this one significantly more than Gail at scifichicks did. She found it a bit tiresome; I, however, thought it was a fun romp through history. Basically, Clara wants to meet Robin Hood, and the Doctor begrudgingly takes her to twelfth century England to prove the guy doesn’t exist.

However, not only do Robin and his Merry Men exist(in all their upbeat Errol Flynn/Disney glory–“Ha HA!”), Sherwood is being harvested of all its gold by the evil Sheriff(Boo! Hiss!) for the benefit of some robot race who have crash-landed and need to repair their ship. But the real story here is about heroes. How heroes don’t necessarily consider themselves heroes. How heroes don’t have to be real to be inspiring.


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