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We can dance if we want to.....

We can dance if we want to…..

This is the sort of episode that makes my head hurt a bit. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Supernatural has always been willing to try something different, especially if it involves the fourth wall. And hey, if it involves bringing back one of my favorite supporting characters, I’m all for it.



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Sleepy Hollow: The Golem

SH golem

Um, I believe that was our ride. Does anyone perhaps have the fare for a hansom cab?

As is par for the course with this show, no time is wasted getting into the story.  Crane chops firewood, bitches about modern(and by modern in his frame of reference, we mean Victorian era) Christmas traditions, then has Henry Parrish, the sin eater, send him to Purgatory so he can demand some answers from Katrina about their son.  Then he gets chased out of Purgatory by  a golem, that ends up following him into his regular plane of existence.  And that’s all before the first commercial break.  Whew! (more…)

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Dean wonders if not having a soul makes one immune to fugly 70s motel rooms; he just woke up and this one makes his eyes hurt.

Okay, right off the top, I’ve gotta say…the Honey Wagon Bar?  Really?  Of course, being from a rural area, the phrase “honey wagon” has an entirely different meaning than they’re going for here.  If you are also from a rural area, you’ll know what I mean.  If you’re not from a rural area, well…you don’t wanna know.  The sign is more entertaining, though, than the annoying guy coming out of the dive, chattering baby talk into his phone to what would seem is his dog sitter.  Thankfully, he doesn’t last long, like most characters who appear before the title card.  He no more gets into his car than he’s viciously attacked, through the windshield, by some unseen growling creature.  Growl, crash, chomp, splatter.  The end.  Good riddance.  People who baby talk to their pets in private are one thing.  People who baby talk about their pets in public deserve what they get. (more…)

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Sam? Is that a....bunny costume???

When last we saw the Winchesters, Dean was beating the crap out of his brother, and Sam wasn’t raising so much as a finger to defend himself.  Interesting to note, there, that Sam didn’t even try to stop Dean; come to think of it, he never has raised a hand to Dean, has he?  Not when he was himself, unaffected by outside forces, anyway(crazy ghosts, sirens, demon blood, etc.).  And here, he can’t, as he’s tied to a chair when he awakes from that epic smackdown.  He’s still bloody and battered, and while Dean is barking orders, Castiel is frowning over him in a concerned fashion.  Through his direct, yet worried, questioning, he learns Sam hasn’t slept since before his trip to Hell and that he has a hard time defining how he feels emotionally.  Alarmed–trust me, this is alarmed for Castiel–he briefly warns Sam to brace himself, then shoves his hand into Sam’s torso to dig around for his soul.  Which he doesn’t find.  And he still has a better bedside manner than Dr. Jack Sheppard.


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The Puppy Dog Eyes of DOOOOOOOM

When we come upon the Winchesters this week, Sam is in the background buying lunch from a hot dog vendor while Dean is on the phone, freaking out at Bobby because There’s Something Wrong With Sam.  Again.  Because he‘s been here before, Bobby takes it in stride, and advises Dean to keep his gun in his pocket until he can do some research.  So a very unsettled Dean accepts his hot dog from Sam and skims the lead story in the local paper on a recent unusual rash of suicides.  They include a Biggerson’s waitress with self-esteem issues, a jilted girlfriend, a medical student, and best of all, a linguistics professor who claimed his great-great-great grandfather invented the question mark and was upset his family had never seen any royalties.  Oh, how I love the pause button.     (more…)

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Dean wonders exactly what the hell Grandpa put in his Alka Seltzer.

So.  Vampires.  All the rage these days.  But we haven’t seen them on Supernatural since “Monster Movie” a couple years ago.  And that was a shapeshifter pretending to be Dracula, so it doesn’t really count.  But this show does have a cool take on vampires; one that’s decidedly unromantic and non-angst, one that bucks the current trend.  Imagine my dismay when the first five minutes were devoted to introducing an angst-ridden, poetry-reading vampire meeting up with the teenage girl of his dreams.  Ugh.  God, that was a long five minutes.  Now imagine my glee when said angst-ridden, poetry-reading vampire led the girl down a dark alley, making “whatever” sounds in a decidedly more dangerous tone of voice.  Poor innocent naïve girl is shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover he–and his creepy friend–are actual vampires, and they don’t give a rat’s ass about her poetry.  Heh.  Take that, Twilight. (more…)

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Arranged by height: back from Hell, back from Heaven, back from Cicero, Indiana. Guess which one is working the most angst.

Wow, time is flying.  We’re already four episodes in, and here I am, finally getting around to writing about it.  I’m going to have a go at all four in this entry, so welcome to the lightning round.  What have we learned so far? (more…)

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