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Ah, the Matt Smith years. Coming off the emotional epicness of the David Tennant years(your mileage may vary), it took me a while to change gears. I admit, during the first few episodes, I could still feature Tennant’s delivery and mannerisms, and how he might play certain scenes. Matt Smith’s Doctor was a bit flail-y and ramble-y and I couldn’t quite get a grasp on this Doctor. Even despite taking a giant wrench to a Dalek in a bout of rage-fueled violence, he had this air of the flibbertigibbet about him. Then, at the end of his first season, he took a seat next to the bed of a sleeping Amelia Pond, and started talking. And in that speech, I finally saw the tired old man in a twenty-something body. I could see the weight of the universe on his shoulders, hear it in his voice, read it on his face. From that moment on, he was well and truly the Eleventh Doctor; I no longer saw nor looked for Ten-isms.(Except for an “Allons-y” once or twice.) And the more I watched, the more he became the Doctor.



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