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We’ve all been there:  watching your favorite TV show or movie–or even randomly surfing channels–when a familiar face suddenly appears.  You may or may not know the actor’s name, but dang, you could swear you’ve seen them somewhere.  And then it hits you–Hey, it’s That Guy!!  Thus was born a new feature here on Damsel Undistressed.  Naturally, with Supernatural relatability.  Each week I’ll post a picture of a Supernatural guest star, and you can join in the fun by commenting what other projects you’ve seen that particular actor in elsewhere.  We’re going to operate on the honor system here–no peeking at IMDb, and stick to what you’ve actually seen.  If you don’t recall the name of the movie/TV show/character, that’s okay.  Just jot down what stuck in your mind.  Are you ready to play? 

Chris Gauthier 

Otherwise known as everyone’s favorite conspiracy theorist, Ronald Reznik.  Even though mandroids turned out not to be real, he was stoked to learn his theories weren’t too far from the mark.  And he became the one ghost Dean probably would have tried hanging out with.  Where else have you seen him?

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