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Doctor Who: Into the Dalek

Into The Dalek

There is nothing figurative about that episode title. The Doctor and Clara do literally go inside a Dalek. And it turns out to be not such a great idea. (more…)

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Being something of a newcomer to Doctor Who, this was my first time seeing a fresh incarnation of the Doctor in his first episode’s first run. I also shelled out the bucks to see it in a theater, which is a concept in itself. Paying to see something I’d already watched on TV? Not something I would normally do. I must say, though, that watching with a crowd of Whovians was a totally different experience from seeing it at home. Even if I did have to listen to Trivia Guy behind me regale his less experienced companions with details about dinosaurs in old episodes and the comparative ages of Peter Davison and Colin Baker. (more…)

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When I was a kid in the 70s, my dad used to watch this weird show on public television.  The main character was a strange man with crazy hair and a tremendously long scarf.  The bad guys were garbage cans with plungers attached.  I thought it was completely ridiculous and went back to playing with my Barbies.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the British comedies, I had nothing against the Brits.  We were actually something of an anomaly in our neck of the woods.  For the longest time I didn’t know anyone else who thought Monty Python was funny besides my dad and me.  Still, the appeal of Doctor Who eluded me.  Sci fi wasn’t my thing.  Then Star Wars came along and I changed my mind.  And The Doctor fell into the recesses of my memory.

Flash forward to 2005.  The Doctor Who revival was taking the Internet by storm.  Oh, and what a wonderful thing is the Internet for genre fans.  At the time I was still coming down from a three year Lord of the Rings high.  I was hooked on Lost.  And when that started to fall short for a bit(although I stuck with it to the end; the weird, only partially satisfying end), I stumbled across Supernatural.  Last fall, Sleepy Hollow sucked me in, as well.  Still, I deliberately avoided Doctor Who. (more…)

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